Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

Mistress Saida was wearing her sexy lingerie and her nylon pantyhose because she was in the mood to both tease and humiliate. She knew that to tease, she had to use the lingerie and to humiliate, she had to use the pantyhose. So she showed off her hot body and talked dirty to the guy and he was super turned on. But as he got closer, he was made to lick her sweaty pantyhose and he had no choice.

These mistresses were lied to by this guy and he had done it for fun. He had a good laugh about it and did not think much about his lie. But it came to haunt him when they used his lie and it backfired. They hunted and when they caught him, that is when it dawned on him that he had fucked up and that he was about to pay for his sins. He was trampled upon by all the 10 girls at the same time and he felt the pain of their combined weight.

Mistress Everly did not like how her neighbor tried to hit on her. She knew that he had to learn to be faithful to his wife and so she did not entertain him the way he had expected she would. Instead, the naughty mistress turned him into a foot slave and enjoyed using her pantyhose made of nylon to humiliate him and teach him to stay faithful to his wife.

Madame Marissa was wearing her nylon pantyhose when she chose to dominate this guy. She made sure that the guy felt pain and that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress did not want him to even piss her off the way he had as he had hit a raw nerve and for that, he had to be head crushed with the mistress using her stinky pantyhose. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Roxana is an unforgiving girl. When this girl angered her, she reacted by roughing her up. The girl thought that that was the end of it. She even apologized to try and avoid any further issue. But the mistress was not done with her as she used her nylon pantyhose to humiliate her even further. She got the girl to lick her pantyhose and warned her of worse if she did not change.

Goddess Lena can be rough when she means to and today she meant to. She had been angered by this guy and she wanted to teach the guy how to behave and how not to piss off people next time. She used her high heel boots as well as her nylon pantyhose to humiliate him and to punish him in a rough manner. He had never expected such treatment from a lady.

This mistress did not want a competitor who did not play by the rules. He tried to rig the game in his favor but she was not going to let it happen. So the mistress went out of her way to punish the guy and make him adhere to the rules. That is why she chose to use pantyhose femdom to deal with him. It worked as he adhered to the rules.

Armed with her pantyhose and some crazy ideas, mistress Valeria punished this guy after she turned him into a pantyhose slave. He had to lick her smelly pantyhose and do all the things she wanted him to do. He knew disobeying him was out of the question as the consequences would be too grave to bear for him. So he had to endure all that was done to him.

Lady Zora had a problem with how stinky her slave's breath was. She did not want to get used to it. He had to learn to have better oral hygiene and so she used her pantyhose fetish to teach him a lesson. She made sure her nylon pantyhose was smelly and sweaty and she had him lick it. As he wondered why she did that to him, she told him that was how his breath smelled.

Princess Kira had major beef with her ex over what they co-owned and she had to make him learn to listen to her as she had tried her best to be fair to both of them. So she used her nylon pantyhose to pump some sense into his head. And she used her ass to also facesit on him and fart on him for good measure. He learned his lesson.

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