Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

Princess Jenny likes to humiliate, but she does it differently from other mistress. She prefers to use her hot body to do it. She has a lot of sex appeal and it is her number one weapon against guys. When she uses it, guys never see what is coming to them. She humiliates them and makes them lick her feet and her ass or whatever she wants and they happily do it.

Mistress Mikaila is a sexy mistress who likes to humiliate her slaves using her sex appeal. She likes to tease them and make them horny before she humiliates them. Today she showed off her thighs as well as her thong while she was humiliating this slave. She then made him lick and smell her shoes as well as her stockings without him realizing he was being humiliated because the image of her thighs and her pussy were still on his mind.

This mistress is a free spirit and does not like being tied down. She likes to enjoy herself to me maximum and today she was doing it at the expense of this guy who had a crush on her. She did not feel the same way about him but he had insisted on spending time with her. So that it was good for her as well, she decided to have fun at his expense so she teased him while wearing her pantyhose and gave him jerk off instructions.

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