Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

Goddess Vanny wanted to put on a show for her horny husband. She was having her period and she knew she would not fuck him. That is why she opted to put on a show for him and then have him jerk off as he watched what she did. The mistress enjoyed how he followed her instructions and he jerked off as she had asked him to. He did it without questions.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to show this loser that she was naughty. So she did some naughty things to turn him on and then she got him to do what she really wanted him to do. The mistress cruelly made the guy lick her stinky socks and do other cruel things to entertain her. He had thought that he would get to screw her but that was to only happen in his dreams.

Princess Ambers loves it when other people are miserable and today she set out to make a few of them as miserable as they could get. She did not care what would happen to them and so she used her nylon pantyhose to do it. The mistress only cared about her fun and it showed from the way she had fun as they cried and begged for her to stop.

Lady Morgana was not in the mood to talk as her husband knew how to play around with words and get himself off the hook. What she knew was that her husband was lazy and this time she did not want him to explain anything. She used her nylon pantyhose to smother him and humiliate him. It was sweaty and stinky and that is what she wanted him to lick.

Mistress Arina wanted to put her slave in his place and she did it using her pantyhose. It was nylon pantyhose which was good for what she wanted to do with it. She made it stinky so that she could use it to choke him as he licked it and as she trampled him with it. He tried to plead with her to stop but she ignored him and went on doing her thing.

Mistress Enola made her nylon pantyhose sweaty and she used it to humiliate and to dominate her slave. She had to do it because her slave was disobedient and he did not follow her instructions. So the mistress did not want things to go on that way so she used her stinky pantyhose to humiliate him. Besides choking him with the smell, she also used her feet to trample him.

Queen Hanna and her friend mistress Jane used their nylon pantyhose to dominate as well as humiliate their slave. He had to be taught a lesson and the mistresses made sure that their nylon pantyhose was sweaty as well as smelly so that they could use it to dominate as well as to humiliate him. And that is how the mistresses had their way with the poor guy and had fun doing it.

Mistress Arina was pissed at how her slave was not doing things the way they had agreed to do them. Instead, he was doing his own things and the mistress could not let that go on. So she used her pantyhose to dominate as well as to torture him. That is what led to him being humiliated by the mistress who did not care what he felt as long as she got him to change.

Mistress Lisa wanted her man to be a little bit manly and rough. He was soft and cautious and that did not make her feel like he was the rugged man she wanted. So she teased him today and she had him lick her feet and her pantyhose before she got him to tear it the way she wanted. And that is what turned them both on and they smashed hard.

Goddess Sheila came across pantyhose fetish and she knew that she had to try it. And she did not hesitate to do it. Within a few days, she had managed to learn a lot and today she recorded herself so as to check out what she did and also make adjustments where she felt that was necessary. The mistress could not wait to try it with a slave to do some licking.

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