Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

Queen Hanna and her friend mistress Jane used their nylon pantyhose to dominate as well as humiliate their slave. He had to be taught a lesson and the mistresses made sure that their nylon pantyhose was sweaty as well as smelly so that they could use it to dominate as well as to humiliate him. And that is how the mistresses had their way with the poor guy and had fun doing it.

Mistress Arina was pissed at how her slave was not doing things the way they had agreed to do them. Instead, he was doing his own things and the mistress could not let that go on. So she used her pantyhose to dominate as well as to torture him. That is what led to him being humiliated by the mistress who did not care what he felt as long as she got him to change.

Mistress Lisa wanted her man to be a little bit manly and rough. He was soft and cautious and that did not make her feel like he was the rugged man she wanted. So she teased him today and she had him lick her feet and her pantyhose before she got him to tear it the way she wanted. And that is what turned them both on and they smashed hard.

Goddess Sheila came across pantyhose fetish and she knew that she had to try it. And she did not hesitate to do it. Within a few days, she had managed to learn a lot and today she recorded herself so as to check out what she did and also make adjustments where she felt that was necessary. The mistress could not wait to try it with a slave to do some licking.

Princess Amber farted and she also let her ass sweat as she wore her nylon pantyhose. She did it deliberately so that she could punish and humiliate the loser after she had some sweat on her butt. She wanted it to be stinky before she felt that it was time to let him go. The guy had not done anything to deserve it and she made him do it because she felt like it.

Mistress Claudia wanted to tease her husband and get his blood boiling. They had not had sex in a while because of their busy lives and she knew that that was the best time to do it. And as she did her thing and teased him, he was turned on instantly and he wanted to fuck her brains out but she teased him and got him begging before she let him smash.

Mistress Valery and her boyfriend had an argument. He was wrong. He came to apologize and even though she was not very mad at him, she wanted to milk the situation. So she told him if he wanted her forgiveness, he had to lick her nylon pantyhose. He looked at her and since he wanted to have sex, later on, he licked her pantyhose and in fact used it to turn her on.

Mistress Enola does not get mad. She gets even. And when this guy conned her, he did not know what was in store for him. She used her sweaty and smelly pantyhose to dominate and humiliate. Before long, the loser was begging her for mercy and apologizing for what he had done that led to the current situation. But she told him he had started it and he had to enjoy what was happening to him.

Madame Marissa did not like how her slave gave her the silent treatment. She was pissed about it and she had to make sure that he learned it was not ok to do that in her house. So she used her nylon pantyhose to dominate him. She face trampled him using her heels then used her pantyhose on him. He was degraded and immediately realized that he had fucked up.

Lady Zora is the sort of girl who does not like to have anyone mess with her. She does not forgive easily and instead believes in getting her revenge. And that is what she did today as she used her boots and her pantyhose to dominate this guy. She forced him to lick and smell her pantyhose and he regretted why he had messed with her as he was humiliated worse than she had ever been before.

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