Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

This mistress was wearing nylon pantyhose which she used to trample as well as dominate this guy. She did it in a cruel manner and she made sure that the guy felt a lot of pain as she did so. He had messed with her and she was not in the mood to forgive him. He had to learn the hard way and by the time she was done with him, he had learned his lesson.

Lady Scarlet was angered by the actions of her slave and when she looked around, the only weapon she had was her nylon pantyhose. She liked the fact that it was sweaty as she had been walking in the sun for some time. And so she used it as a weapon to punish her slave and get him to realize that he could not mess with her and get away with it.

Lady Marilyn used her nylon pantyhose to humiliate this guy. She had him lick it and she rubbed it on his face until it was painful. Then she trampled his dick with her feet before she teased him with her sexy ass as she posed in doggystyle. He was immediately turned on and she had him eat her pussy after which she left him high and dry. He had to jerk off.

Mistress Sofi and her friend mistress Kira wanted to teach this guy a lesson no one had ever taught him before. He was a neighbor but he was a pain in the ass for them as he was trying to get in their panties even after they told him many times that they were not interested. The mistresses went ahead to facesit on him and smother his face with asses and their smelly nylon pantyhose.

Lady Naomi usually used her pantyhose to turn on and tease but today she used nylon pantyhose to dominate as well as humiliate this loser. He was shocked at what she did and he learned his lesson as she choked him with the smelly nylon pantyhose. He had to lick it as well and he realized that the mistress was not as innocent as he looked. There was another side of her he had never seen.

Mistress Anfisa loves nylon pantyhose because it is a good material in case she wants to punish someone and it also looks sexy on her. And today she wanted to use it to humiliate so she wore it and she did some work out until she was sweaty before she made him lick it. He was shocked but he was powerless against her and he had to do all that she asked him.

Mistress Zora did not like what her husband had done and she had to express how disappointed and angry she was at what he had done. So she did it by making him lick her feet through her nylon pantyhose which was sweaty and smelly. He was shocked but he had to do it and he apologized after that as he did not want her to continue being angry at him.

Mistress Roxana was feeling sexy and she had to show off her feelings to the world. So she set up her camera and she flirted while she wore her pantyhose. She knew it was bound to have an effect on a few guys, which is what she wanted. She knew she would not do anything with them and it was more of teasing them and denying them, which is what she wanted.

Mistress Anfisa wanted nylon pantyhose because she knew it was the best when it came to her punishing her slave. And she did not care how it happened. She wanted him to learn his lesson hence why she used it to choke him. It was smelly and he had to lick it and smell it. She also trampled him with it and had fun watching his reaction to what she did to him.

Mistress Anfisa loves pantyhose because it makes her look ever hotter than she really is. The mistress was learning new ways to tease and that is why she chose to try something easy and pantyhose nylon fetish was her choice. The mistress enjoyed the things that had happened as she recorded herself putting on a show and then trying to get a way in which she would use that to dominate losers for her benefit.

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