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Lady Victoria wanted to pass a message to this loser and she felt that the best way to do it was to use her pantyhose. He had not made a huge mistake but it was not small either. That is why she felt that her smelly pantyhose was the perfect punishment for him and it ended up being as she dominated and humiliated him for that. He changed as she wanted.

Goddess Gabriella wanted her husband to know that she did not like what he did and that it had to change. She had tried to talk to him but she did not seem to make any headway. That is why she had to torture as well as humiliate him and she did so using her feet. The mistress also made sure that he licked and smell her feet in pantyhose in addition to being choked a little.

Goddess Kira needed to use her pantyhose to dominate this guy and that is what she did. She did not bother thinking twice about it as she knew the guy as well as what she needed to do to humiliate him. That is why she had him lick and smell her sweaty pantyhose and when he was done, he had to do the same to her boots. He had no choice but to do it.

Lady Cary had her tits out to tease and to draw this guy closer but she had her pantyhose ready to humiliate which is what she had planned to do all along. And it is what happened as she had the guy lick her pantyhose and promised him that he would be allowed to lick her ass and her tits. In the end, he was told to go and jerk off.

Mistress Lora and mistress Rita wanted their pantyhose to be licked because it was smelly and sweaty and that is what they made this loud and noisy girl to do. She had been pissing them with her loudness and did not stop when they told her to take it down a notch. So being made to lick sweaty and smelly pantyhose was the perfect way to punish and humiliate her.

Mistress Anni is new to pantyhose nylon fetish but she is a daredevil and she loves to try new things. So she was not scared of trying it. It was fun for her and she loves how it looked on her and how she was able to tease with it. She had found something to use on guys she had no intention of doing anything with. And if it got sweaty, she would make them lick her clean.

Goddess Gabriella wanted to dominate this guy and she did it with her smelly pantyhose. She had to make sure that things worked out as well as they needed to and that is why she used her stinky pantyhose to teach the guy a lesson he needed. He tried to beg her to stop but she ignored him and continued doing her thing for her to pump sense into his head.

Mistress Nicole had a thing for her neighbor and she wanted to sleep with him. He looked like he was good in bed and she wanted to have some multiple orgasms. So the mistress wore her sexy pantyhose and she then had fun teasing him. The mistress enjoyed making the guy horny and it did not take her long to turn him on. She finally had her way as he could not keep his hands off of her.

With her pantyhose, this mistress flirted with this guy and she turned him on. He wanted her badly but he did not get what he wanted from her. The mistress had fun at his expense and instead of fucking him, she made him jerk off. He was humiliated by the thought of being asked to do so and he learned his lesson never to trust all girls who were nice and naughty to him.

Madame Marissa and her friend had hired this DJ to play at their function. He did but he did not do please them as well as they had hoped that he would. He was not bad but he was not good too. So the mistresses felt that they had overpaid him. Since they could not get their money back, they made him a foot slave and had fun making him lick their pantyhose.

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