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Madame Marissa wanted to show off her pantyhose skills. So she chose to tease her man. She wore her nylon pantyhose and she used it to show off her skills. She made sure her man watched as she removed them. He was so fixated at her that she made him lick her pantyhose and her feet without him knowing he was doing it. He was so turned on that he wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

This mistress likes to get her way with other people. She was not happy with this guy because he was not doing things her way. She was pissed and she sought to teach him a lesson. She did it in a cruel manner and she forced him to lick and smell her pantyhose. She ensured it was sweaty and smelly before she had him lick it. She had fun at his expense and also sent a message.

Princess Mackayla wanted something from this guy. She did some research on him and found out he loved sexy young girls. Being one, she knew he would want her. She went to see him and she was right as he was interested in her. She took advantage to flirt with him and tease him with her nylon pantyhose. She had him hooked and had him give her what she wanted from him.

Princess Jenny has an ass that is out of this world. She loves to tease and show it off especially when she feels like having some naughty fun. Today she added her cigarette. She teased with her ass, lips and tits and she got this guy wrapped around her finger. She brainwashed him and made him do all she wanted including making him masturbate to her instructions. They both had fun.

This mistress wanted to this guy and she pretended to be a nun. She then flirted and teased him. She knew he would be interested in a nun because he had weird fetishes and true to what she thought, he was super turned on and wanted to have fun with a nun. She showed off her sexy ass and her pantyhose and tempted him a lot but she teased and denied him after getting what she wanted.

This sexy mistresses used her hot looks to take advantage of this guy. She knew he had a weakness for hot women and she used it to get the information she wanted. She pretended to be into her and she dug the information out of him as she teased and flirted with him. It was so easy for her that she wondered whether it was her superior skills or he was lame.

This mistress likes to have fun with her pantyhose. She knows how hot she is and she likes to model, tease an flirt for these losers and in turn they give her what she wants or do what she wants. Most of the time however, she wants money and they give her some good money. Being a considerate mistress, today she was rewarding them and she flirted and teased them for free.

Princess Kitty knows that nylons do not allow her feet to breathe and hence make them sweaty. Whenever she feels like humiliating a guy, she wears her nylon pantyhose and she lets her feet sweat. She then flirts with the guy and makes him believe she has a fetish for foot licking and has him lick her feet when they are sweaty and sometimes when they are smelly. The guys do it to please her and she has fun at their expense.

While other mistresses like to humiliate and have fun of loser and slaves at home, this mistress prefers to do it in the office. She likes to dress seductively and the guys who want her attention or who want to bang her are her primary target. She likes to flirt with them and take them to her office where she makes them lick her sweaty feet especially when she has worn her nylon stockings. She also makes them lick and smell her ass.

Mistress Mikaila is a sexy mistress who likes to humiliate her slaves using her sex appeal. She likes to tease them and make them horny before she humiliates them. Today she showed off her thighs as well as her thong while she was humiliating this slave. She then made him lick and smell her shoes as well as her stockings without him realizing he was being humiliated because the image of her thighs and her pussy were still on his mind.

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