Pantyhose & Nylon Fetish

All about sexy pantyhose and nylons

All articles tagged with "Humiliation"

Lady Gabriella was pissed at the slow nature of her slave and she had to right that wrong. She felt that she had been too accommodating of him and his slowness to the point that he had gotten comfortable at it. So she used her pantyhose fetish to dominate him. As she trampled, spat on him and made him lick and smell her nylon pantyhose, he knew without a doubt that he had to change.

Lady Zora had a problem with how stinky her slave's breath was. She did not want to get used to it. He had to learn to have better oral hygiene and so she used her pantyhose fetish to teach him a lesson. She made sure her nylon pantyhose was smelly and sweaty and she had him lick it. As he wondered why she did that to him, she told him that was how his breath smelled.

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