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Lady Bambina and her lover Alex had a bet and whoever won it was allowed to do anything she wanted to the loser. Lady Bambina won and she had a lot of fun making Alex lick and smell her feet. She had worn nylon pantyhose and she knew her feet would be sweaty. So she made her lover her sweat remover and had her lick the sweat from her feet.

While other mistresses like to humiliate and have fun of loser and slaves at home, this mistress prefers to do it in the office. She likes to dress seductively and the guys who want her attention or who want to bang her are her primary target. She likes to flirt with them and take them to her office where she makes them lick her sweaty feet especially when she has worn her nylon stockings. She also makes them lick and smell her ass.

Lady Velvet knows the art of manipulation. She does not like having slaves because that is too easy. She likes to flirt with guys and make them do what she would have had a slave do. She uses her flirting prowess and her sex appeal. Today she flirted with this guy and when he was hooked, she went home with him and she used him as her sweat remover. She had him lick her sweaty feet.

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