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Mistress Avery found out that her boyfriend had done what she had told him not to do. She was not happy with him and she had to make sure he knew it. She made him lick and smell her feet as well as her shoes. She had worn her nylon pantyhose and it was smelly so she had him lick the smell off the pantyhose and lick the shoes clean.

Mistress Silvana went to her neighbor's house and when she realized he had intentions of sleeping with her, she pretended to be into it. She pretended to be naughtier than she was and got him to lick her feet as well as her shoes. She had worn nylon pantyhose so that she could sweat and when she did, he became her sweat remover. By the time she left, she had humiliated him and he did not get what he wanted which was to sleep with her.

Mistress Mikaila is a sexy mistress who likes to humiliate her slaves using her sex appeal. She likes to tease them and make them horny before she humiliates them. Today she showed off her thighs as well as her thong while she was humiliating this slave. She then made him lick and smell her shoes as well as her stockings without him realizing he was being humiliated because the image of her thighs and her pussy were still on his mind.

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