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Princess Kitty wanted this loser to chew her nylon pantyhose as punishment. It was a bit smelly and sweaty and she made sure he licked and chewed it. The mistress was ready to enforce her instructions and she was ready with her high heels to humiliate him and trample him. He knew that if he did not obey, the punishment would be worse so he obeyed and did what he was told.

Princess Kitty knows that nylons do not allow her feet to breathe and hence make them sweaty. Whenever she feels like humiliating a guy, she wears her nylon pantyhose and she lets her feet sweat. She then flirts with the guy and makes him believe she has a fetish for foot licking and has him lick her feet when they are sweaty and sometimes when they are smelly. The guys do it to please her and she has fun at their expense.

Princess Kitty likes to wear nylon stockings because she knows they will make her feet sweaty and smelly. That is why she is always wearing them especially when she feels like humiliating a loser. She then flirts or teases a loser and uses him or her as a sweat remover. She makes it appear a sexy thing to do but she knows she is just humiliating the guy for fun.

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